Creating A Safe Indoor Environment For Everybody.

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Education Systems

Healthy buildings improve student performance. Students in healthy indoor environments improve test scores by 15%. Through intelligent sensors, learn adherence to janitorial workflows, and save costs on chemical cleaning, energy consumption, and additional labor costs from sick days.

Healthcare Facilities

The adoption of UV-C technology in healthcare settings offers a comprehensive approach to infection prevention, resulting in safer environments, cost savings, and improved overall healthcare outcomes for patients and staff.

Fitness and Wellness

UV-C technology significantly enhances safety and member confidence in fitness centers by providing a highly effective, consistent, and comprehensive method for disinfection. It not only reduces the risk of infections but also helps to ensure member satisfaction, regulatory compliance, and an overall healthier workout environment.

Senior Care

Alleviate risk, enhance satisfaction. Elevate community trust and involvement through health-focused buildings. Bolster your occupancy rates by taking a proactive stance on safety across your facilities. Utilizing top-tier UV-C disinfection technology, diminish the likelihood of outbreaks, cut expenses, and provide reassurance to your staff, residents, and their families.

Government Business

Drawing government employees back to the workplace and elevating the office experience commences with a profound understanding of space utilization. UV BIOCLEAN empowers you to optimize both your physical office space and your environmental impact. In addition, the UV BIOCLEAN platform supplies health assessments tailored to specific areas, offering practical recommendations to optimize the indoor environment and maximize employee efficiency.