New Fitness Customer Recommends UV-C Technology Purchase To 3 Other Fitness Centers Within 90 Days Of Installation

The fitness world is an extremely competitive and price-sensitive market that was devastated by the Covid pandemic. The industry is dominated by very large, franchised conglomerates that make it very challenging for the non-franchised operators to effectively compete. Any opportunity to establish a competitive advantage should be diligently investigated. The “3 C’s” – cleanliness, cost, and convenience are of utmost importance to the fitness industry’s customer base when recruiting new and retaining existing members.

The UV BIOCLEAN team’s customer-centric commitment to providing its customers with a premiere and affordable product that is easily installed and monitored provides their customers the opportunity to market themselves with a “competitive advantage” that may facilitate an improved ROI.

The most important factors in this Jiu Jitsu center’s decision-making process of whether to move forward with an investment in UV BIOCLEAN’s premiere, competitively priced UV-C products were the desire to:

  • Improve the probability of being able to keep the gym operational in the Covid event, or if any other similar pandemic returns; and
  • Fight germs.

Regarding ROI and the impact the UV-C investment has had on the fitness center customer’s ability to retain existing members, they believe it has already had an impact in the short time since installation:

  • One member stated that this is the first gym she ever belonged to where she has not gotten athlete’s foot.
  • Several members noticed that the facility had a “much better smell”.

Regarding the impact the UV-C investment has had on the fitness center customer’s ability to attract new members:

  • While they have not yet seen an impact on new member recruitment, the installation only occurred within the past 3 months so this KPI will continue to be monitored;
  • Additionally, they have a very specialized gym offering.

This customer would recommend other fitness facilities evaluate this enhanced sanitation opportunity and has already recommended it to 3 other fitness centers.

Their experience with the UV BIOCLEAN team has been “awesome from start to finish”. Communication and follow-up were superior.