Our Vision is to Provide the Most Advanced UV-C Technology to Ensure the Safest Indoor Air Quality Where We Work, Live and Play

 Founded and owned by CEO Deb Ward, UV BIOCLEAN is dedicated to making shared indoor spaces cleaner and safer while increasing an organization’s ROI by substantially improving its competitive advantage.  UV-C protects people and reduces risk to those who want to gather safely – education, fitness, healthcare, corporate, senior living, government, and public sector communities.

UV BIOCLEAN offers the following products that reduce indoor airborne and surface microorganisms and optimizes disinfection:

  • UV-C Upper Room UVGI Ceiling Fixtures (disinfects air)
  • UV-C Upper Room – UVGI Wall Fixture (disinfects air)
  • UC-C Wall Airflow Devices (disinfects air)
  • UV Tower T-80 (disinfects air & surfaces)
  • UV Tower T-800 (disinfects air & surfaces)
  • UV-C Tower T-8K (disinfects air & surfaces)

UV BIOCLEAN was founded based on the historic, established safety and efficacy of UV-C technology and the heightened need for the cleanest, safest air quality due to the Covid pandemic and other airborne germs.

A long-time (3+ decades) telecom associate of Deb Ward’s who was familiar with her reputation for integrity, perseverance, and success shared that he was a co-owner of a company focused on UV-C technology to provide cleaner and safer indoor air quality.

Following extensive market research and analysis, UV BIOCLEAN was created to deliver clean and safe indoor air as a DBA of Televergence, a nationwide telecom services provider that has been servicing contact centers and other high-volume user customers. With over 35 years of experience, our customer-centric philosophy and unparalleled customer service programs have resulted in customer retention statistics of 12+ years on average. UV BIOCLEAN is also a Tennessee state-licensed limited liability corporation (LLC). Televergence is a WBENC, WOSB, and State of TN DBE certified diverse supplier.

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Deb Ward, (615) 637-4606, dward@uvbioclean.com, Nashville, TN  01/25/2024