Senior Living Care

“Our number one priority is protecting the health and well-being of our residents and employees, and MacWarren UV products have become key components in our efforts. Our residents and their families tell us that they feel safer knowing that we are taking the extra step of using UV technology to reduce exposure to viruses. We have also specifically found that the MacWarren UV Tower has significantly reduced our time and costs when disinfecting and deep cleaning each room before a new resident moves in.”
– Brad Stewart | Varenita Westlake


“UV BIOCLEAN’S state of the art Upper Room UVC fixtures provide continuous air disinfection in our academy where our martial arts classes are conducted. Our students’ safety is our main priority and these fixtures provided by UV BIOCLEAN are highly effective in inactivating airborne pathogens, which reduces the risk of transmission and helps us promote a healthier cleaner environment for all our students.”
– New Journey Jiu Jitsu